Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need this Academy when we belong to AANA?

AANA is and will continue to be the primary membership organization for the profession of nurse anesthesiology.  


The Academy is a niche organization with a specific purpose of educating CRNAs and SRNAs on the business and economics of anesthesia. While AANA has many departments and projects to advance the profession, the Academy is devoted primarily to one specific area.


It is not our intention to compete with AANA, but to offer special products and services dedicated specifically to business and reimbursement issues.  

Why is there a membership fee to belong?

We determined that having a single fee for most services and products is better than having piecemeal charges for individual products and services.  


As businesspeople, we have learned the value of information and believe it is worthwhile to pay for expertise.  Our educators are some of the most successful CRNA businesspeople in the country and will be paid for their knowledge. We also plan to have guest offerings from other experts in the healthcare business and economics areas, all of which deserve payment for their expertise.

What type of organization is Anesthesia Business Academy?

We are a 501 C 3 non-profit association. Additionally, the State of California Secretary of State approves us as a non-profit charity association.

Are dues and other contributions tax-deductible?

As a qualified non-profit organization, your dues meet the qualifications for tax deductions. Of course, you must check with a professional tax attorney or CPA for your specific tax questions.

Other than dues, do you accept general contributions for working capital?

Yes, and we would welcome any contributions you would like to make. Our founder, Jan Mannino and other board members have solely capitalized our start-up expenses. Any financial assistance to allow us to offer additional services, including scholarships, is greatly appreciated.

Why should I belong to Anesthesia Business Academy when I can find most of the information I need on social media forums, such as Facebook?

We love social media and participate frequently. But as a caveat—do you really know who is giving you information and the accuracy and validity of their information? We are planning to carefully select our contributors for, not only their knowledge, but also their expertise and actual practice.


Anesthesia Business Academy will be a power user of social media, with our own Facebook forum (members only,) Twitter and LinkedIn presence. If there are any other social media platforms we need to consider, let us know.


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– Private Practice Business
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– Specialty Practices
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