As skilled clinicians, nurse anesthetists take pride in patient safety by utilizing modern techniques and scientific principles in their practice. Those objectives will always be the most important aspect of the profession.


There is an aspect of professional practice that has not been emphasized in the past. The business and economics of anesthesia, various practice models, determining value, reimbursement, compensation and legal/ethical standards are being recognized has key components of defining a profession. Knowledge of these topics is critical to surviving in the ever-changing healthcare climate of the 21st Century.


Anesthesia Business Academy is the solution to filling this education gap. The dream of several well respected and successful CRNA business people, there is now a membership association to focus on this component of nurse anesthesiology practice.


“Education, innovation and advocacy for nurse anesthetists on the
business and economics of healthcare and anesthesiology practice.”


Educate CRNA's on the business of anesthesia.


Jan Mannino